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Elfo is a martech company that offers integrated performance-based solutions for your digital marketing. It was founded on the idea that a client should be able to rely on one agency to handle all of its digital marketing. We deliver expertise in scaling your brand and business in the digital space so you could focus on whatever you want.

A spinoff of Forest Interactive, Elfo brings a full range of knowledge with an extensive background in the vibrant tech landscape and access to vast array of networks with Mobile Network Operators, Content Providers, Government Agencies, Consumer Groups, Enterprise, and Content Partners across Asia, the Middle-East and the USA. The company also has a strong foothold in Indonesia and Malaysia via a strong partnership with Forest Interactive and Forest Indo Niaga.


Creating Marketing Excellence

Elfo’s mission is to help clients strive and achieve impactful marketing driven by performance-based technology and solutions. At Elfo, we believe the success of our company lies in the success of our clients. We treat their business like it’s our own – we believe that this builds long-term excellence for our clients